Sony DCR-TRV320 Digital Camcorder


This Sony digital camcorder is in excellent +++ condition and fully operational. 

Package includes:

 the camcorder
A/V cable
Serial video cable
Power supply with power cord
battery np-f330 lithium 7.2v
carrying strap


  • Uses Digital 8 format for movies and Memory Stick for stills
  • 25x optical, 18x digital, 450x total zoom
  • IEEE 1394 interface
  • SteadyShot digital image stabilization
  • NightShot infrared system

    Product Specifications

    Video format: Digital 8
    Progressive scan CCD: No
    Audio: Yes
    CCD size: 460,000 pixels
    Eyepiece viewfinder: Yes
    LCD screen size: 2.5 inches
    LCD swivel: Yes
    Filter diameter: 37 millimeters
    Optical zoom: 25x
    Digital zoom: 18x
    Programmed exposure modes: Yes
    Hot shoe for external light: Yes
    Black and white: Yes
    Sepia: Yes
    Image stabilization: Yes
    Infrared capability: Yes
    Digital camera capability: Yes
    Still memory included: Yes
    Fade options: 5-mode audio-video (AV) fader
    IEEE 1394 output: Yes
    S-Video output: No
    Battery type: Lithium ion

    Editorial Reviews Product Description
    The Sony DCR-TRV320 records video in the Digital 8 format, and is capable of recording in the 16:9 widescreen format common to movies. A 25x optical zoom and 18x digital zoom will bring you closer to the action, while Sony's SteadyShot digital image stabilization technology helps prevent shaky recordings. The DCR-TRV320 offers a 16-bit PCM digital stereo with 12-bit dubbing. The camcorder is equipped with Sony's LaserLink feature, meaning you can aim the DCR-TRV320 at the LaserLink receiver on select Sony TVs from up to 16 feet away, press "play," and enjoy your videos directly on your TV--without wires or cassette adapters.

    Video editing is made simpler with the inclusion of IEEE 1394, a digital, bidirectional, high-speed communications port that makes it easy to download video and audio to a computer or other IEEE 1394-based editing device.

    The DCR-TRV320 also doubles as a digital still camera, recording photos onto a Memory Stick card.

    With Sony's NightShot infrared system, the DCR-TRV320 can shoot in zero-lux (no light) conditions. Fourteen picture effects and a five-mode AV fader aid in the creation of compelling footage, whatever your subject. The DCR-TRV320 also has a swivel-mounted 2.5-inch LCD monitor. Other features include: end search, which automatically forwards your tape to the end of the last footage shot; edit search; a seven-mode program auto exposure for a variety of shooting environments; analog AV inputs with pass through; and an intelligent shoe for accessories.



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