Sony HD200 HDTV Receiver - MINT - Was Not  Used Much At all


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Included in the auction are HD200s, 4p Card  & Remote Control - in OEM box

The HDTV receiver remains one of the most curious categories in A/V components today. Without an HD receiver, you cannot make your system pull in the best-looking video from the skies, thus making the component a must for everyone who wants to make their HDTV “ready” systems into one that actually is actually HDTV “active.” The problems with this category of gear are inexplicably odd quirks and high prices. At $699, the HD200 is far from an add-on for the mainstream (non-videophile) consumer who at a minimum just dropped $1,700 for an HDTV-ready big screen. In comparison to NTSC satellite receivers, which can cost less than $100 (when not given free as some sort of promo from a satellite provider), the HD200 is relatively expensive. On the other hand, living life without HDTV, especially when you have a TV that can pull off the feat, is even more expensive in terms of missed opportunities to see unbelievable programming in increasing volumes.

The HD200 is a tuner designed to work with DirecTV satellite service, as well as terrestrial HDTV signals from a traditional TV antenna. It is not designed for and will not work with other satellite services, such as Dish Network, which require their own unique hardware. The HD200 is greatly improved from its predecessor, the Sony HD100, in a number of key ways. First off is the reduction of fan noise, which goes from obnoxious with the HD100 to inaudible with the HD200. The fan noise is so bad in the HD100, which I still have installed in my bedroom system, that on a quiet night, it can literally keep me up. The HD200 no longer suffers from such a fan noise problem, which by itself gives people a reason to upgrade.

Other advantages to the Sony HD200 include a DVI output. For those who have a plasma, a digital projector or a TV that can take the input, DVI is the way to go. It provides the best, most direct picture you can get. I recommend you use a high-quality cable for all of your video connections, including component and or DVI. Ultra Link makes an excellent and modestly-priced DVI cable, while Transparent makes a stunning entry-level component cable. If you have a high-performance video system priced over $3,000, budget at least 10 percent of your investment for high-quality cables. Video cables are not voodoo. They make a huge difference over the throw-in cables you find in a box for most mainstream AV components. Other details of the HD200 include a new, shinier and more modern look, and better video DACs



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